Review, The Forest Of hands And Teeth

I loved this book. I can’t say that enough. It’s difficult to ascertain exactly why because not much happens in TFOHAT. It’s like so many others and unlike all of them at the same time. Story lines start heading in one direction and veer off in another. The heroine is selfish. The supportive characters frustrating and not nearly enough back story shared to explain what is going on or why they got there….

But I just loved it!

I guess you could chalk it up to an intriguing love triangle. Well-written tension, and incredible scene setting on the author’s behalf. But as an author, this is one of those books that comes along and makes you think: 


It’s haunting and beautiful and much like ‘The Village’ which is one of those movies that just resonated with me and has never lost its grip. 

Read if you like Zombies, love triangles, YA fiction, haunting characters and mystery.



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