My novel is being adapted to a theatre-restaurant in June!
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BUDDING actor Brent Dillon loves to lose himself in a role.
He has been performing since high school drama class and from there he took part in community productions before studying a Bachelor of Music Theatre at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Mackay.
So when the opportunity arose to audition for a play written by his friend Samantha Munt, he jumped at it.
The play is a dinner theatre adaptation from one of the novels Mrs Munt, who is a published author, wrote.
Her novel is titled Unchained Melody, while the play is called The Day the Muse-Ic Died.
It was about the nine muses of Mount Helicon, who, rather than inspiring people, are “out of control” in their bid to compete with one another, Mrs Munt said.
The result of a tragic death, one of the muses is sent to earth (the Mackay region) as a mortal where she must help make someone a superstar, she said.
Auditions were held at Ko Huna Beachside Resort on Saturday and Mrs Munt said she was excited by the talent who responded.
“I want lots of new talent,” she said.
The play’s director Cheryl Peppin said she was looking for a strong cast to bring the production to life.
Meanwhile Mackay author and budding playwright Samantha Munt is looking for fresh acting talent to be part of her latest project – dinner theatre.
Mrs Munt, a published author, has transformed one of her books into a play script, which will be performed at Ko Huna Beachside Resort on June 16, 17 and 18 this year.
Auditions for the nine lead female roles and five male roles were held on Saturday, also at the resort.
The production is called The Day the Muse-Ic Died and is based around the nine muses of Mount Helicon from Greek mythology.
Rather than inspiring people, the nine sisters are out of control trying to out do one another.
Tragedy strikes when Calliope, the muse of music, causes the death of her sister Imogen, the muse of literature’s partner, Mrs Munt said.
Imogen wants vengeance, so she puts a curse on Calliope, who is sent to earth as a mortal human where she has to try and help someone become a superstar.
She has no idea who or what she is, Mrs Munt said.
The script is an adaptation from her book Unchained Melody, which has been published for about two years now, she said.
While the book was quite tragic, the production was a “funny theatre restaurant spin off”, she said.
There would be plenty of silly humour and crowd participation was a must.
“Because it’s the first play I’ve ever written, I wanted to adapt something I knew well,” she said.
Mrs Munt was in the process of writing another script based on the life of one of Mackay’s favourite characters – Mick Pope.
“I learned my love of Mackay and everything I know about promotion from (Mr Pope) when I worked for him for 10 years,” she said.
“I always knew he was a character. And I’ve always tried to find a way to put him in my books.”
Mrs Munt began writing the play about Mr Pope last year.
“He was so excited to see it,” she said.
Mrs Munt had always wanted to be a novelist and eventually work her way to writing musicals while collaborating with music composers for the songs, she said.
“Theatre restaurant is a great way to do in the middle because I can take a book I’ve already written and a story I know well and adapt it,” she said.
Her script The Day the Muse-Ic died allowed for a lot smaller lead roles.
While Mrs Munt will be co producing her project, the directing reins have been handed to Cheryl Peppin, who wants plenty of energy from the cast.
“It’s an energetic show. They’ve got to be funny people,” she said.
Ms Peppin, who is a part of Mackay Musical Comedy Players and Red Giraffe Rent Group, is passionate about supporting Mackay’s acting community.
She said plays like Mrs Munt’s opened more options for budding actors in the region.
The cast has been chosen and rehearsals will start in March.

The team includes:
Production Team:
Director: Cheryl Peppin
Choreographer: Madison Reck
Producers: Sammy KM Munt & Amalie Draper
Costumes: Krissy Mulder
Calliope (Muse Of Music) : Danielle McCully
Imogen (Muse of Literature) : Chanelle Redgwell
Ryan Weaver (Rock God) : Brent Dillon
Hunter Marks (Rock God) : James Munt
Animal (Narrator/Rock Star): Nite Johnston
Marnie Winters (Narrator): Michaela Boyd
Hera (Evil goddess) : Pia Larsen
Zeus: Stuart Read
Memoria (Zeus’s wife): Debbie Read
Nicky/Pelvis Presley: (Radio host/ Narrator) Kris Brennan
Nico (Radio host/Narrator) : Andrew Obst
Polyhymnia (Muse of Holy Music): Kristyn Everett
Urania (Muse of technology): Kita Vakatini
Thespia (Muse of comedy/Tragedy) Ashlee Flanagan
Clio (Muse of History) Bryarna Bowman
Hendra (Muse of War): Amanda Van Stralen
Lania (Muse of the Greek Gods) Pia Larsen
Renee: (Muse of Art): TBAMDM_01-02-2016_ROP_05_MKY300116auditionsBrent4_fct1024x768x45.0_ct620x465


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