Free Mermaid Romance!

My first novel, The Marked Ones is going FREE for the next 5 days!
The Fairytail Saga is a COMPLETE series, and is sexy, sentimental and presents Australia in a whole new and romantic way- from the perception of mermaids!
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(Not recommended for persons under 17 years of age. Contains sex scenes and coarse language.)
When she swept in the room, half-drenched and shaking, Tristan looked up from the television and smiled as though he’d been expecting her. ‘Hey beautiful!’ The blue light from the television was reflecting off his fair hair. ‘How was your night?’
Ivyanne reached into her sagging apron, removed the two bound mud crabs she’d absconded with and placed them on the table top before her. She’d worked so hard to develop composure in the face of so much friction, but the rainy, perplexing day was the last straw. She was out of tolerance. ‘What did you say to my boss?!’
Tristan’s eyes widened as he regarded the live crustaceans on his perfectly clean table before gaping up at her. ‘Is this your version of bringing a man flowers? I already ate, but it works.’
Ivyanne scowled at him. ‘They’re females. I just rescued them from the tank. Figured you’re used to dealing with women with crabs so you could see that they get where they need to go.’
Tristan chuckled. ‘Ouch!’


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