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Review: Waking The Merrow

Bloody Brilliant. Really VERY bloody and really very brilliant!

I can’t imagine anyone not liking this novel. It’s one of those things where I see a one star review and am truly shocked. I cannot think of a demographic this wouldn’t appeal to or anyone who I wouldn’t recommend this to. It’s as though Ms Rigney has opened a window and let in a much-needed gust of salty sea air into a shipwrecked genre.

Whatever you’re expecting from a book with a mermaid tail on the cover well, this isn’t it and thank goodness. Waking The Merrow is ugly, hard, gruesome laugh out loud hilarious and full of action. And I don’t throw around the word ‘hilarious’ lightly. You usually have to be a stand-up comedian in ranks with Russell Brand or Chris Rock to actually solicit a giggle out of me but I was actually highlighting jokes in this one rather jealously 🙂

This is a very unique story in which the heroine is an overweight drunken and resentful mother and the mermaid is a bitch from hell with absolutely no conscience. I loved the main character immediately and was cheering for her to triumph, and it’s been awhile since I felt a character resonate so realistically with me and even longer since I’ve disliked a bad guy quite so much and so it was all very cathartic. As a mother of three it was nice to pop open the top button and hiss and boo at a villain while drinking a beer from me swinging egg chair while ignoring the kids and feeling totally okay with it because I COULD be worse and still likeable 🙂 In fact, imagine if The Little Mermaid was from Ursuala’s point of view BEFORE she went batshit crazy- versus the dark-haired version of herself she creates. You end up with two very vindictive alpha-females duking it out for the right to not be a stereotype 🙂

Heather Rigney is a wonderfully expressive writer who manages to address an incredibly cliche subject and leave said chiches in her wake. The world she paints with words would not be beautiful if not for her striking and highly original prose but she truly creates a setting that is both dark yet colourful and exciting. If you’re a fan of Dean Koontz then steer your amazon trolley this way because you’re in for a lot of evil snickering and plenty of dramatic tension backed up with creative articulation. Honestly it was just so good- it’s revived my love of reading after a pretty serious book hangover.

Recommend to all!