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Tick tock

The time for my release is approaching

But my hopes of making it out of here as a free woman are diminishing with every passing second.

Men can do beautiful things in the name of God or love- I’ve seen it.

But they can do evil things for the same reasons too.

And those who suffer not from love, but obsession? They’re capable of the most heinous acts.

And all a girl, who is the source for both conditions- love and obsession alike- is pray that someone- anyone- is watching over her.

That someone is guiding them.

That one person in this world will put her needs before their own.

I’m not hopeful that someone is watching over me.

But I am praying.

Every day.

In Book #2 in the True Eden Chronicles, sixteen year-old Larkin Whittaker has a choice to make, a risk to take, a heart to give away- and the repercussions of all of the above to live with after. She knows that if she stays focused and untouchable, that she could end up living the life that she’s dreamt of, since Kohl Barachiel first introduced her to romance novels…
But she also knows that there’s something, some force inside Eden or within herself, that is blackening the Barachiel men’s pristine souls, and forcing them to each tighten their grip on hers.

One of them is destined to crush her, but which one? The one who holds her hand, her heart- or her contract? Only time, and strength of character, will tell.
In fact, the only thing that she does know for sure, is that only a miracle will be able to extricate her from paradise unharmed now.

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Someone who was still in there.
Thinking quickly, Charlotte shuffled back to her driver’s door and turning the key once to get the coil working, flicked on her headlights after. Like a diamond in sunlight, the interior of the shop lit up brilliantly; so brilliantly that there was no mistaking the flurry of movement she saw behind the counter. Charlotte smiled grimly, and then twisted her headlights again, proud of how handy her high beams were proving to be when suddenly, a thin shadow leapt up from behind the counter and began waving its arms frantically. Though the action was silent, the point was clear:
‘Woman are you fucking crazy turn off your DAMN LIGHTS!’
But Charlotte flicked them instead, and when the boy vanished again she flicked them once more. When he did not re-emerge she sighed, leaned onto her steering wheel and blasted the centre with her horn. The sound was so excruciatingly loud in the evening air that Charlotte shuddered, taking her hand off it as soon as she felt she’d made her point and looking around anxiously, scanning the sidewalks, not completely oblivious to the sound of a scream in the far distance and even worse, a disembodied moan floating through the air like the end of a yawn from her left. It wasn’t so close that it represented a direct threat, but her skin blossomed with goose bumps all the same.
I can’t stand here all night waiting for this guy to do the right thing, can I? Think woman, think!
Charlotte turned back to the shop, wanting to scream or beg the boy inside to turn the pumps on- to personalize her precarious predicament and possibly evoke empathy within him or a sense of responsibility- but she couldn’t get her drama on without making a racket, and she had a funny feeling that the sounds of a woman in distress would be like zombie catnip.
Besides, what reason did the attendant have to turn the pumps on for her? He didn’t know her and for all he knew, her appearance probably made her look like a time bomb waiting to happen, because she fit the ‘danger’ age group perfectly. Survival required a certain degree of selfishness, as she’d just displayed to the hoodie guy back down the road, and the attendant was safely barricaded inside a shop packed with all the supplies one could need with no reason to see how her ‘Come eat me’ behaviour was a threat to anyone but herself so long as he remained hidden in the dark.
Nope. Polite Charlotte isn’t working for me. Wonder if the mask is a turn-off? I bet Sophia would be pumping gas by now!
The damsel thing hadn’t worked so it was clear to Charlotte that she’d have to try acting menacing instead, which was going to be a tricky part to play with a headful of curlers and sparkly lettering across her breasts. She swiveled her gaze to the gun on her seat and she wondered if she could convince the boy that so long as she remained in danger, he did too. But the idea of waving the gun around, of threatening him and getting caught on CCTV in her get-up as the purple-faced apocalypse tyrant made her feel ill. But she’d still rather be tagged as a burglar, than by her toe.
Bribery? Worth a shot yeah?
Charlotte reached back into her car and pulled a crisp, one hundred dollar note from an envelope in her glove compartment, feeling a twinge of guilt as she realised she’d had that cash handy to pay Cadence with, back at the salon. Isaac, always more prepared than a boy-scout with OCD, had given her the labeled envelope that afternoon back at the clinic while whispering that they were paying Cadence off the books to help her out of a rough month. The recollection of his kindness, and the sight of his angular handwriting on the front of the envelope made her heart skip another beat. He really was too, too good a man for the likes of her.
Isaac would never bully a service station attendant into doing his bidding because he would have had a full fuel tank to begin with!
Pushing that thought aside, Charlotte made a big show of waving around the one hundred dollar bill, and then lifted the pump lever next to the one she intended to use, placing the note in the hollow behind it and then replacing the nozzle, trapping the money there. Then, she tapped on the fuel pump and waited expectantly.
Come on, come on, come on… ! Please please please?
Another moan sounded, and down the street, there was a yelp. Charlotte’s arms had been crossed in a: ‘Your move’ sort of stance but the sound of the approaching creature had her digging her nails into the flesh of her arms. When another ten seconds passed, and the moan resonated in the air again; this time much closer, Charlotte lost her patience along with any courage she’d managed to scrape together and store in her spine. Pissed off and terrified, she got back into her car, flicked the key all the way to start the ignition and then slammed her foot down on the accelerator as she snapped the door shut, revving the car as hard as she could and hoping that it wouldn’t expose her bluff by spluttering its last.
She saw the shadow of the boy straighten, saw him step slightly closer to the window, slowly raising his hands as if to say: ‘Whoa…let’s not do anything stupid now!’ But Charlotte merely smiled, pleased to know that she still had his attention. She released the parking brake, shoved the gearstick into drive and then lurched forward, aiming her car right at the entrance doors of the service station and thinking that if this didn’t work, the cowardly teenage boy might be the last person she ever saw alive through human eyes and if he didn’t help her, she’d relish eating him first.

Review- Broken World, Kate L.Mary

5 Stars for a Zombie novel 🙂

Look out mama, I’m trailer trash window shopping for my next book boyfriend!

I read this book in the space of four days which is saying a lot for me because I selfishly spend most of my time writing and have to scrape up time for anyone else’s stuff, and I have a new Dean Koontz paperback staring at me too so kudos to the author for getting me to resist that in favour of an e-book.

I picked up a copy of Broken World after chatting to the author in a writer’s group, and I’m so glad I did because this was a great story.

In the beginning, I was pretty much horrified by the line-up of main characters we had; two trailer trash criminals and a stripper and I had my hands ready to cover my eyes over what I assumed would be an incredibly gross rape scene and the longer the story went on without this happening, the more pleasantly surprised I became.

And the writer really does keep the surprises coming. Though this book stands apart from the other Zombie books I’ve read, I probably couldn’t call it exceptionally original because from what I can tell from other reviews, it has a lot in common with The Walking Dead. I don’t actually watch the show (my apologies to Zombie fans but it seems a bit slow and depressing to me from what I’ve heard from my zombie-obsessed husband) but Broken World is neither slow or depressing and that’s what I like in Zombie novels.And the writing is so fluid that I don’t think it matters what it is a lot like- because it’s not like the crappy ones at all and let’s face it, there are a lot of D-grade books in this genre but Broken World is A grade for me.

In the beginning you think everyone’s just getting sick from a virus and as the story progresses, I started to wonder if I’d actually picked up a post-apocalyptic read instead of a zombie novel and I really enjoyed this dynamic. There was plenty to fear, without adding man-eaters into the mix and the author builds the suspense so that by the time the dead start to rise, you’re incredibly nervous.

Most of the tension comes from within the group. Ahh Angus, I shivered every time you made your way onto the page with your gross little spittoon can and he reminded me a lot of Brad Pitt’s character in Kalifornia, which is one of those random, dark redneck movies that I just love. Angus and Axl aren’t quite that far gone but you don’t think they’re going to be redeemable or people of worth at all but surprisingly, as the tale moves on it’s the main character you lose respect for while Axl and Angus began to shine as leaders. This would be an incredibly clumsy mistake for a writer to make but you can tell that Kate L. Mary has done this purposefully to avoid cliches and it’s what I loved about the book the most.

And this brings me to Axl- woot! Talk about character development! This guys is the definition of ‘It’s Complicated’ and dang it but he was sexy as all hell by the end! Frustrating, but sexy.

There are cliche characters but I tell you what- there are plenty of cliche people and the people who would survive this sort of scenario would be that way- Rich and calculating, Smart and scared or weak and begging protection and I thought they all worked beautifully together.

The main character frustrated me a lot, probably because I am a mother and she is such a bad one, but he point of view was realistic and believable. The entire novel follows along that vein. No one is perfect or an action hero, but instead of them making really stupid mistakes that have you banging your head on the table with frustration, they’re prone to little lapses in focus that have catastrophic results and our heroine pays dearly for it. I’m looking forward to seeing how or if her character develops over the rest of the trilogy.

Can’t wait to read the second instalment in the series. If you’re a big fan of Zombie apocalypse novels then move this to the top of your list and if you’re just getting into the genre- likewise. The writing is fluid and clean and honest and the plot flows incredibly smoothly, the characters relatable, the plot feasible and I don’t know how she did it but this was a page turner without having to be packed full of action at every moment. Though it gets a bit steamy at one point and a little bit violent, it’s by no means excessively gory so I don’t see why it would be off-limits to anyone younger than say, fourteen.