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What if ‘Baby’ referenced in so many songs was a real person? What if your love brought your book boyfriend to life?


Donnabella, Reviewer Unchained Melody:  ‘I absolutely loved this book, it has everything a girl could want. It was hot [fanning self constantly] and surprising, you won’t guess the twist, it was also so beautiful that I had tears pouring down my face I have never cried so much reading a book ever, and the ending was brilliant and left me feeling that there ‘IS’ hope in the world.’

JJ, Amazon Reviewer Turn The Page: Every avid reader who has ever fallen hard for a book boyfriend will relate to Leigh. This is a story for all us dreamers.


Excerpt from The Given Garden


Excerpt from The Given garden, Book #1 The Eden Chronicles, S.K Munt

‘I am sorry, your highness,’ I said woodenly. ‘I displayed poor manners just now, and can only blame my lack of experience for it.’
‘Then let’s see you get some experience so that it doesn’t happen again, hmm?’ Karol asked, and my spine could have melted in fear. ‘And you can start by looking at me, and not over me. I know you probably haven’t seen many naked men before, so I can pardon your flight reflexes- but I won’t have you plunging through a plate glass window in your need to avoid me. Besides, you have no reason to be embarrassed by my nudity Larkin… it is quite all right for you to look if you’d like to, and if the sight of me makes you feel a bit light-headed or aroused, then that’s okay too.’
My pride took a hit from his condescending tone, and my anger spiked at the suggestion that I wanted to gawk at him or that I would have an arousing physical reaction to his nakedness. Maybe Karol Barachiel had a lot of fans in Arcadia who would love to trade positions with me right now so that they could drool all over him, but I was NOT one of them! Before I could moderate my anger, I dropped my eyes to the prince’s half-submerged and fully erect member and said calmly: ‘It is not I who ought to feel embarrassed right now your highness, but you. Legend has it that you are quite well endowed, but from here, it looks as though the Barachiel genetics do not fare as well in chilled water as they so in the stories of your conquests.’ I smiled angelically when his eyebrows shot up like rising gates and tilted my head to the side, examining his (EXTREMELY very large) erection more obviously. ‘Or are you just not hard yet? I wouldn’t be surprised- men so like to hunt and probably grow weary of having old kill dropped into their laps after awhile, right?’
Karol’s eyes narrowed dangerously. ‘Were you sixteen right now, I’d show you just how hard and endowed I am, little bird and the legends would come from between your lips after.’
My heart jumped up into my throat at the threat, but I swallowed it down, safe in the knowledge that he could only banish me for my attitude and not make good on his threat without finding himself on the wrong side of Arcadia’s walls as well, and without his commanding baritone. People over the age of sixteen who preyed on people under the age of sixteen were not just banished in Calliel- they were castrated too and not even King Elijah was above that rule. It was the second hardest form of punishment that we had.
‘Your brother might object to that even if I were, seeing as how I am his plaything, not yours.’
‘Well, if you’d like to keep it that way than I suggest that you follow through on your taunts and actually get into the water as I have commanded you to do,’ Karol retorted. ‘After all, it is our father who has the final say over who remains in the harem and who is tossed into the Wildwoods, not Kohén, and he’s been irritated once this year already by your clever little friend- I doubt he’d take a second infraction so well from within the harem. And disobeying me is a serious infraction, Larkin- we don’t have a glyph for ‘Uppity smart-ass’.’
I glowered at him but obediently walked forward and to the left, submerging first to my ankles, then knees then waist in the warm water. I did so calmly and carefully, barely stirring the pool’s surface, but when I tried to turn away, the prince reached out and snatched up my wrist, forcing me to face him. I yelped, immediately overcome with panic but he just laughed and caught my free flailing hand, bending both of my wrists behind my back and pressing himself into me and up against the edge of the pool. He was hard all over and a tawny brown, cutting a figure that was awe-inspiring and terrifying and as he secured me in place with his hips, I felt his erection press into the gap between my thighs. Terror cloaked my mind immediately and I opened my mouth to scream, but Karol simply laughed and released one of my wrists to cup my mouth.
‘Don’t even consider it,’ he taunted me, his eyes bright in the foggy air. ‘I’m not going to take advantage of you Larkin- we both know that that’s a crime and the Barachiel men are not criminals. Nor do we have to force ourselves on women to find satisfaction.’ I said nothing but he didn’t seem to care. His eyes travelled down over me, and he clucked his tongue. ‘My, my, my…’ he drawled. ‘You’ve done a spectacular job of blossoming, haven’t you?’ His eyes lifted to mine and he smiled. ‘But you don’t care about that sort of thing, do you? You don’t want to be beautiful, and you don’t want to be admired or conquered… you want to be the one who does the conquering yes? Oh, don’t look so shocked- who do you think told Kohén that you’d be able to live as a free woman if he kept his hands in his pockets in your company, hmm?’ His eyes hardened. ‘Who do you think told him that it was a stupid promise to make at such an innocent age? Me. I told him that you could be free, and I told him that it was a mistake to confide that in you because now, you have your heart set on leaving don’t you? Which may not happen if Kohén returns and see how his little duckling has become a swan after all, and reacts physically the way I am reacting to you right now.’
I sucked in a breath from between his fingers as he voiced my gravest fears. ‘He won’t do that,’ my words were muffled by Karol’s palm, so he slid it down to cup my jaw, allowing my lips to move freely while my skin shivered in disgust. ‘I am his friend, and the fact that I’ve grown breasts won’t change that.’
‘You’re both fools,’ Karol argued, looking me over again. ‘And you’ve changed in places other than your chest, Larkin. A man would have to be blind and devoid of every other sense not to notice that! How is a teenage boy supposed to resist such a mouth-watering kill, when it is lain in his lap, as you so eloquently said?’
‘His common sense will prevail, and he has plenty of sacrificial lambs to sate his appetite with,’ I argued.
‘They’re not as pretty or as clever as you are though.’
‘They’re beautiful and willing, but my mind will be of more use to the kingdom than my looks will, and he sees that,’ I said snottily. ‘And the fact that you’d favour my looks over my wit in his position just further proves that the wrong Barachiel boy is going to be crowned next.’
Karol frowned at me. ‘You think I’m weak because I find you attractive?’
‘I think Kohén is stronger and a true Barachiel, like Miguel was,’ I said coolly. ‘And if you want to prove yourself as worthy of the crown, start by letting me go right now. Because for all of Kohén’s teenage hormones, he’s yet to grow hard at the sight of me and shove himself between my legs- even though he’s been entitled to make advances towards me for three years now!’
I half expected a slap across the face for that remark, but Karol surprised me yet again by releasing me and backing away with his hands and lips straining upwards. ‘Damn, you’ve got a spine on you girl…’ he lowered his hands to his sides and winked. ‘I’d very much like to bend it to my will, even if that would be a sign of weakness.’


Indie Pride Day plug! judge this book by its cover!

Given cover


They told us that this new world was perfect

They told us that we were all equal under the eyes of the only God

They told me that I was nothing

He told me that he would protect me

They swear that I can trust them

I don’t

How can I believe in something, in a world where faith isn’t optional?

The Given Garden is Book #1 in The Eden Chronicles, and is set six hundred years after Armageddon, where Utopia is the goal, but chaos is the result. Larkin had no choice to be an illegal third-born child, so does that mean that she should give her life to the crown in penance? And if so, can trust that she will find a friend in Prince Kohen Barachiel, and not a Nephilim master? The kingdom is in his family’s hands,her life in his, the clock is ticking until god’s return, and Satan is watching, waiting for her moment to strike back.

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Someone who was still in there.
Thinking quickly, Charlotte shuffled back to her driver’s door and turning the key once to get the coil working, flicked on her headlights after. Like a diamond in sunlight, the interior of the shop lit up brilliantly; so brilliantly that there was no mistaking the flurry of movement she saw behind the counter. Charlotte smiled grimly, and then twisted her headlights again, proud of how handy her high beams were proving to be when suddenly, a thin shadow leapt up from behind the counter and began waving its arms frantically. Though the action was silent, the point was clear:
‘Woman are you fucking crazy turn off your DAMN LIGHTS!’
But Charlotte flicked them instead, and when the boy vanished again she flicked them once more. When he did not re-emerge she sighed, leaned onto her steering wheel and blasted the centre with her horn. The sound was so excruciatingly loud in the evening air that Charlotte shuddered, taking her hand off it as soon as she felt she’d made her point and looking around anxiously, scanning the sidewalks, not completely oblivious to the sound of a scream in the far distance and even worse, a disembodied moan floating through the air like the end of a yawn from her left. It wasn’t so close that it represented a direct threat, but her skin blossomed with goose bumps all the same.
I can’t stand here all night waiting for this guy to do the right thing, can I? Think woman, think!
Charlotte turned back to the shop, wanting to scream or beg the boy inside to turn the pumps on- to personalize her precarious predicament and possibly evoke empathy within him or a sense of responsibility- but she couldn’t get her drama on without making a racket, and she had a funny feeling that the sounds of a woman in distress would be like zombie catnip.
Besides, what reason did the attendant have to turn the pumps on for her? He didn’t know her and for all he knew, her appearance probably made her look like a time bomb waiting to happen, because she fit the ‘danger’ age group perfectly. Survival required a certain degree of selfishness, as she’d just displayed to the hoodie guy back down the road, and the attendant was safely barricaded inside a shop packed with all the supplies one could need with no reason to see how her ‘Come eat me’ behaviour was a threat to anyone but herself so long as he remained hidden in the dark.
Nope. Polite Charlotte isn’t working for me. Wonder if the mask is a turn-off? I bet Sophia would be pumping gas by now!
The damsel thing hadn’t worked so it was clear to Charlotte that she’d have to try acting menacing instead, which was going to be a tricky part to play with a headful of curlers and sparkly lettering across her breasts. She swiveled her gaze to the gun on her seat and she wondered if she could convince the boy that so long as she remained in danger, he did too. But the idea of waving the gun around, of threatening him and getting caught on CCTV in her get-up as the purple-faced apocalypse tyrant made her feel ill. But she’d still rather be tagged as a burglar, than by her toe.
Bribery? Worth a shot yeah?
Charlotte reached back into her car and pulled a crisp, one hundred dollar note from an envelope in her glove compartment, feeling a twinge of guilt as she realised she’d had that cash handy to pay Cadence with, back at the salon. Isaac, always more prepared than a boy-scout with OCD, had given her the labeled envelope that afternoon back at the clinic while whispering that they were paying Cadence off the books to help her out of a rough month. The recollection of his kindness, and the sight of his angular handwriting on the front of the envelope made her heart skip another beat. He really was too, too good a man for the likes of her.
Isaac would never bully a service station attendant into doing his bidding because he would have had a full fuel tank to begin with!
Pushing that thought aside, Charlotte made a big show of waving around the one hundred dollar bill, and then lifted the pump lever next to the one she intended to use, placing the note in the hollow behind it and then replacing the nozzle, trapping the money there. Then, she tapped on the fuel pump and waited expectantly.
Come on, come on, come on… ! Please please please?
Another moan sounded, and down the street, there was a yelp. Charlotte’s arms had been crossed in a: ‘Your move’ sort of stance but the sound of the approaching creature had her digging her nails into the flesh of her arms. When another ten seconds passed, and the moan resonated in the air again; this time much closer, Charlotte lost her patience along with any courage she’d managed to scrape together and store in her spine. Pissed off and terrified, she got back into her car, flicked the key all the way to start the ignition and then slammed her foot down on the accelerator as she snapped the door shut, revving the car as hard as she could and hoping that it wouldn’t expose her bluff by spluttering its last.
She saw the shadow of the boy straighten, saw him step slightly closer to the window, slowly raising his hands as if to say: ‘Whoa…let’s not do anything stupid now!’ But Charlotte merely smiled, pleased to know that she still had his attention. She released the parking brake, shoved the gearstick into drive and then lurched forward, aiming her car right at the entrance doors of the service station and thinking that if this didn’t work, the cowardly teenage boy might be the last person she ever saw alive through human eyes and if he didn’t help her, she’d relish eating him first.

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I was sucked into her story so much that halfway through I knew it was getting 5 stars.
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VENOM has heart, sass, and the crushing butterflies we all look for in YA!
-Emm Cole, author of The Short Life Of Sparrows

I can imagine my teenage students falling in love with the boys in this story. Wishing they were as brave and headstrong as the main character. Waiting for the biggest bully to land flat on her face. Holding their breath as the cheer leaders get thrown up into the air.
Me personally? I’ll be waiting for the sequel!
-Kristen boyd, High school teacher

This is a great YA book (I’m an adult and I loved it!) full of teenage angst and everything that goes along with high school life in general. Bullying, gossip and mean spirited teens. The coach finds an unusual way to punish four girls for a prank gone wrong and it manages to change the way Bronte views herself and those around her!
-Nice Puppy, Amazon reviewer

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Book #1 The Marked Ones FREE today!

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‘This book was AMAZING. I normally don’t write reviews, but this series deserves a rave review from me. Love triangles, mermaids, a powerful, captivating (sometimes exasperating) protagonist….what more do you need?? The main men are so hot you want to melt and the supporting characters are just as lovely and capture your heart. S.K. Munt outdid herself with this series and The Marked Ones is just the tip of the iceberg…dive in and enjoy ‘
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‘I was aware before reading this adult mermaid book that many readers were fans of this series because of the sexy scenes and hunky heroes throughout. But truth be told, although those scenes will make your Kindle smoke, my favorite part of this book was the dialogue.’-Emm Cole

‘This reviewer is left the feeling that this novel is merely a knock-up and there are greater things to come from S.K. Munt. She is an up and coming author that fans of this genre would do well to keep an eye on.’
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‘The author has a knack for painting a picture with words that allows your imagination to take you into the story. This is a must read!’
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‘The author does a wonderful job of pulling the reader in and keeping them there to the very end.’
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