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New YA Mermaid Fantasy The Legasea

My Young Adult Mermaid Fantasy out in September 2015!


Urchin S.K Munt

‘I never wanted to be a witch. I never expected that I’d spill blood. All I ever wanted to do was heal, and be healed. Not by someone, but something- a force more powerful than myself, and more powerful than those who had done me harm.
But the Moon had intentions for me, and my path to that destiny lay upon the sea. I suppose I have healed, and been healed… and I know I have fulfilled my purpose…but never will a day pass when I do not think of the price I have paid, and the debts I have charged to others to make this so. I have been the prey, and I have been the predator. And I have told no one all of what I have done. I could not bear to see the judgement in the eyes of those I love, and who love me.
But I must confess my sins- I must clear them from my mind or I will never reap the happiness I have sown! So I will write it down- and then I will bury this so deeply into the Isle of Ruin in hope that it will never be found!
The tide- the only thing in the world which can be depended upon- has washed the blood from my feet and swept it out to sea. So I have fulfilled my duty as a woman, and made certain that I cleaned up the mess left behind us all. What a good little girl I was!
The only people who would say otherwise are dead- because of me.
Here is my confession.’